January 18, 2021


A driver in Washington was pulled over after police noticed the headlights on his car had been replaced by flashlights.

the engine of a car: A driver in Washington was pulled over after police noticed the headlights on his car had been replaced by flashlights.

© Washington State Patrol
A driver in Washington was pulled over after police noticed the headlights on his car had been replaced by flashlights.

A Washington State Patrol officer pulled over a motorist on I-90 near North Bend early Monday morning after seeing the vehicle with “super dim” headlights, WSP officer Rick Johnson told CNN.

Upon inspection, the officer realized that the headlights on the car had been replaced by flashlights, which is illegal in the state as it does not meet the lumen requirements, Johnson said.

The car appears to have noticeable damage to the front of the car and the headlights seem to have fallen or broken off. The lights were running out of power, and the motorist was driving on a suspended license, according to Johnson.

“I don’t know of any car manufacturer that duct tapes flashlights to the front of their cars upon sale,” Johnson said. “But you know, I guess this is 2020, right?”

a close up of a car: Flashlights were used to replace the headlights on the motorist's vehicle.

© Washington State Patrol
Flashlights were used to replace the headlights on the motorist’s vehicle.

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A 1-year-old boy was gunned down Wednesday night as he rode in a car along the Washington D.C.-Maryland border, authorities said.

The baby was traveling with a man and another child near 5700 Southern Avenue SE when their vehicle was attacked at about 9:30 p.m., police said.

“That car was struck multiple times, so as many as 10, maybe more” shots struck the vehicle, Metro Police Chief Peter Newsham told reporters.

Paramedics rushed the 1-year-old child, who was the only one in the car struck by gunfire, to a nearby hospital where he died, officials said.

Investigators believe the fatal shots were fired from another car.

“That’s what we’re assuming right now but that’s subject to change,” Newsham said.

The scene of the shooing, Southern Avenue SE, acts as the border between between the District of Columbia and Prince George’s County, Maryland.

a city street filled with traffic at night: A 1-year-old boy was fatally shot Wednesday night, Dec. 2, 2020, in Washington, D.C. (NBC Washington)

© Provided by NBC News
A 1-year-old boy was fatally shot Wednesday night, Dec. 2, 2020, in Washington, D.C. (NBC Washington)

Police are hopeful witnesses will step forward.

“This is a pretty well-traveled area, if they saw something … suspicious please give us a call,” Newsham said. “If you’re in this neighborhood and you have a video a home camera, take a look at that camera, see if it caught something of significance.”

Police are looking for a dark gray sports-utility vehicle with tinted windows that was spotted speeding away from the neighborhood when gunfire erupted.

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A toddler was fatally shot while riding in a car in Southeast Washington Wednesday night in an attack in which the vehicle was struck multiple times by gunfire, D.C. police said.

Officers responded to gunfire being detected by Shotspotter in the area of Southern and Central avenues about 9:30 p.m., said Police Chief Peter Newsham, who was at the scene.

Investigators believe the shooting happened in the 5700 of Southern Avenue, a hilly slope of a residential area near the intersection of Central Avenue. Newsham said the car stopped about a block from the shooting scene, a well-traveled intersection with a commercial strip.

Medics transported the child to a hospital, where he was later pronounced dead, Newsham said.

A man who was driving the car and another child who was a passenger inside were not injured, Newsham said.

Police were searching for a dark gray SUV with tinted windows late Wednesday night.

Newsham asked that any neighbors who may have security cameras to view footage to see if it could provide police any evidence in the case. Late Wednesday investigators were probing the black sedan which Newsham said had been hit as many as 10 times.

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a close up of a red light at night

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On the morning of Nov. 7, Marine Cpl. Denny Bohne was heading to the chow hall at the Marine Barracks Washington to get breakfast when he suddenly heard of an emergency call on the radio.

A woman riding a scooter just outside the gate of the historic Marine Corps base had been run over by a car.

“When you first pull up to a scene like that your mind is racing, because the rarity of someone actually being trapped under the vehicle,” firefighter Glenn Hanna, with D.C. Fire and Emergency Medical Services Engine 18, said in a video about the accident published on the Defense Visual information Distribution Service.

Before the responding firefighters came up with a game plan, Bohne, along with Staff Sgt. Jeffrey Belko, the guard duty officer that morning, rushed into action.

“From there I just know I have to get the car off of her,” Bohne said in the video.

Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Kevin A. Grajeda, Combat Logistics Regiment 27, (CLR-27), 2nd Marine Logistics Group (2nd MLG), is awarded with the Navy and Marine Corps Medal by Col. Brian W. Mullery, commanding officer of CLR-27, 2nd MLG,  at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina July 17, 2020. (Cpl. Rachel K. Young-Porter/Marine Corps) Marine Corps Lance Cpl. Kevin A. Grajeda, Combat Logistics Regiment 27, (CLR-27), 2nd Marine Logistics Group (2nd MLG), is awarded with the Navy and Marine Corps Medal by Col. Brian W. Mullery, commanding officer of CLR-27, 2nd MLG,  at Camp Lejeune, North Carolina July 17, 2020. (Cpl. Rachel K. Young-Porter/Marine Corps)

The Marine went to the trunk of the car that had hit the woman and pulled out its jack. As he started to jack up the rear of the car, Belko ran to the car of a civilian who had stopped to help and pulled its jack out to start working on the front of the car.

“By the time we had it jacked up fire and EMS were already on scene. They pulled her out from underneath and we just kind of handed the scene over to them and went into crowd control,” Bohne said.


President-elect Joe Biden has tapped a familiar California figure to run his transportation transition team.

Phil Washington, the chief executive of Los Angeles County’s transit agency, will oversee a panel of experts tasked with advising Biden on the direction of federal transportation policy and agencies, including Amtrak and the U.S. Department of Transportation.

Washington has led the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority through the planning and early construction of one of the country’s most ambitious rail building booms, with five projects currently under construction and nearly a dozen other rail and bus projects slated to break ground in coming decades.

Much of the construction is being funded by revenue from Measure M, approved by more than 71% of voters in 2016. The sales tax increase, one of the largest local transportation funding efforts in American history, will raise an estimated $120 billion for transit and highway projects over its first four decades.

The measure is seen as a model for other cities looking to kick-start a transit system expansion, in part because federal grants for major transit projects typically arrive only after a local government has secured some of the money already.

Riders were already leaving L.A.’s sprawling bus network when Washington arrived in 2015, and the decline has continued during his tenure. The number of trips on buses fell more than 25% from the recent peak in 2009 to last year, before another sharp drop-off in ridership during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Metro is also embarking on two studies for ambitious and politically tricky concepts: whether to eliminate fares on the transit system and whether to charge fees to drivers to reduce traffic congestion, a scheme known as “congestion pricing.”

Washington, a U.S. Army veteran, grew up in Chicago and previously worked as the general manager of Denver’s transportation agency. He declined an interview request, saying he could not “speak to the press on behalf of the transition.”

Mayor Eric Garcetti, who led the search that brought Washington to Metro, has been discussed as a potential Cabinet appointee, perhaps as Transportation secretary, in the Biden administration.

Last month, Garcetti told The Times that “it’s more likely than not” that he will still be in L.A. in 2022, when his term as mayor expires.

Other members of Biden’s transportation transition team include Polly Trottenberg, the commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation, and Therese McMillan, previously Metro’s chief planning officer, who runs the Bay Area’s nine-county transportation planning agency.

In a post published Tuesday morning, Metro spokesman Steve Hymon wrote that the names of several Metro board members and officials had been “tossed around” for Cabinet posts or the U.S. Senate seat that will soon be vacated by Vice President-elect Kamala Harris.

“My crystal ball is currently in the shop and I’m not going to add to speculation,” he wrote. “But I will say this: a lot of the work we’re doing at Metro continues to be closely watched around the country. It’s definitely great to see California


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    The unidentified 27-year-old suspect is in custody and faces multiple charges.

    An overnight protest on a closed Washington state freeway ended with two women in the hospital after a motorist barreled into the crowd, according to Washington State Patrol.

    For weeks, law enforcement authorities have warned pedestrian protesters not to use the highways as the setting for protests.

    “The freeway is simply not a safe place…We feared something like this would happen,” said Captain Ron Mead, commander of Washington State Patrol field operations for District 2, at a press conference Saturday morning.

    A 27-year-old man from Seattle is accused of driving his car onto the closed I-5, going around the vehicles that were supporting the protesters, and striking the pedestrians standing in the shoulder of the road, said Mead.

    “We don’t know exactly where the vehicle came on, but we suspect he came on, on the wrong way of a ramp and entered the southbound lane of I-5, he did not come through on one of the closure lanes we had posted,” said Mead.

    Interstate 5 between SR 520 and I-90 was closed multiple times in the last 24 hours due to protests.

    A 32-year-old woman from Bellingham and a 24-year-old woman from Seattle were hit and taken to a nearby hospital.

    The younger woman is in critical condition after suffering life-threatening injuries while the other victim is in stable condition.

    The unidentified driver stopped the all-white sedan and was taken into custody for questioning. Mead said the driver passed a sobriety test and there’s no indication that the car was stolen.

    “At the very least, he is looking at vehicle assault charges, felony hit-and-run, but those could be upgraded depending on the progress of the investigation,” said Mead, adding, “We don’t know if it’s a targeted attack, but that remains the focus of our investigation.”

    Mead said police have made efforts to keep


    bicycles offloading in Seattle

    Riding your bike  (pdf 2.82 mb) with Washington State Ferries (WSF) means you get priority loading and unloading on most sailings. Coupled with the environmental, health and mobility benefits of biking, it’s no wonder approximately 280,000 people ride their bikes onto ferries each year. Whether you’re biking onto the ferry for the first time or are a seasoned rider, you’ll find a passionate community of cyclists and ferry staff to help you out. If you have questions not answered in this guide, don’t hesitate to ask a terminal staff member, your fellow commuter, or WSF staff at [email protected] .

    Getting There
    We recommend that bike passengers arrive 20 minutes prior to departure time to get priority loading. Late arrivals will be loaded after vehicles, although some routes allow for a mid-load during commuting hours. Please see below for terminal-specific information  on accessing the terminal, purchasing tickets, and bike parking.

    Bike Parking
    Most WSF terminals provide bike racks for your convenience. When bike parking is unavailable or bike racks are full, please be considerate of others in choosing where to stand with or park your bike while waiting for the ferry to arrive. Keep walkways, ramps, entrances, and the area around designated ADA parking spots clear.


    • Bike passengers pay the standard walk-on passenger fare and are assessed a stowage surcharge of $1-4 depending on route (surcharge waived if using a multi-ride or ORCA card, except on Anacortes/San Juan Islands/Sidney B.C. routes).
    • Bikes with standard trailers do not pay an additional fare.
    • Bikes towing kayaks or canoes pay the motorcycle and driver fare.

    Bike passengers will load onto the forward end of the car deck, unless otherwise instructed by deck crew. Bikes loaded after vehicles (late arrivals) must remain at the rear of the boat and are not permitted to maneuver between vehicles to get to the forward end of the car deck. If it does not interfere with deck operations, bikes may be secured to eyebolts on the bulkhead or to railings. Bikes must remain on the car deck at all times. Please take all personal belongings, including bike bags, with you if leaving your bike unattended during the sailing. Shoes with exposed cleats are not permitted in the passenger cabin.

    Bikes on the forward end of the car deck are unloaded ahead of vehicle traffic, except when otherwise directed by crewmembers. Those who do not return to their bikes in time to unload ahead of vehicles will unload last. Bikes at the rear end of the deck will unload after vehicles. Please exercise caution when unloading, especially when unloading with walk-on passengers.

    Forgotten/Unattended Bicycles
    Bikes may be left unattended during the sailing, so long as they are properly secured on the car deck. DO NOT disembark the ferry without your bike. Bikes left on the ferry causes a “Person Overboard” response by the U.S. Coast Guard – resulting in service delays and costly search and rescue operations.

    Bike Share
    Bike sharing is an increasingly popular mode of


    Two of the most important sectors that assist transfer a rustic’s economic system are logistics and transportation. A bus has a long physique with several rows of seats or benches for passengers. There are actually a number of gamers providing non-emergency medical transportation franchises. If it seems great on a business card as well as blown up giant on the aspect of a truck then you may have a winner.

    Individuals have invented machines, referred to as autos or crafts, to journey. Conventional Carriers are heavily biased and will solely provide help to, so long as you’re doing business with them. Colleges usually require day by day transportation companies for disabled students.

    With supply service companies branding their automobiles, workers uniforms, envelopes, packing containers, envelopes and even airplanes these logos have huge publicity to the public eye in contrast with some other industries. The execution management and carrier communication helps the shippers to find the instruments wanted to help them in selecting the fitting carriers along with shipping cost calculation.

    The U.S. Department of Vitality (DOE) started computing a National Retail Average so as to compensate transportation carriers for the up and down gasoline costs created by the OPEC oil disaster. The corporations accessible on this link proffers providers of air transport, pipelines, motor freight, couriers by railways, logistics providers, help services, ship transportation and watercraft.

    Business logistics, unlike military logistics the place the priority is targeted more on velocity and amount, is extra concentrated on delivering the precise item, at the perfect time and place, at a really perfect price, using an environment friendly amount of energy, man power, and financial resource.…


    All transportation companies need an operating authority issued by the former Interstate Commerce Fee (ICC) which is now maintained by the Department of Transportation (DOT). This underground transportation system doesn’t use floor streets, so it avoids traffic jams and generally is a very fast way to commute to what you are promoting. 3. Surroundings Pleasant – airplanes consume a variety of fuel and within the process, they depart a really large carbon footprint, which could be very harmful to the atmosphere.

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    For example, if you happen to shipped steel and it rusted during transport (assuming that the provider did not negligently expose it to moisture) the service may assert that rust is an inherent vice of metal and is not responsible for the rust injury. The idea of Third Get together Logistics has swept by the shipping business and reworked the way companies do business.

    A hub or interchange devoted to move is a location the place cargo or passengers are exchanged between the same or completely different modes of transportation. One of the first strategies of transportation that you will notice quickly is the bus service. You might also use a standard carrier, such as a aircraft or prepare, to move the casket and body.

    As expertise for airplanes improved, folks stopped using blimps to travel. Below THOUGHT transportation is taken into account a associated service. Kids’s Flight of Hope is a non-profit organization that gives free air transportation to and from a hospital for remedy of children with vital medical necessities.…