January 16, 2021


A video showing a car veering off a Maryland highway before hitting a mound of earth and launching into the air has been watched tens of millions of times.

a view of a city at night: Bad weather on the M11, dusk.

© Getty Images/Damian Gillie
Bad weather on the M11, dusk.

The clip, filmed by the passenger of another car and shared on TikTok, shows the vehicle swerving off the road and—having avoided trees and a metal crash barrier—driving along a grass verge running parallel with the road.

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Seconds later the car hits a bump and is propelled into the air, narrowly missing a large metal highway sign.

The car hits the ground again heavily and is shown at the end of the video stationary in what appears to be a gully running underneath the road.

Police said the unnamed driver was “very lucky” to have walked away from the crash and warned it “could have been a lot worse.”

The incident happened close to the Belfast Road exit of Interstate 83 in Baltimore County, Maryland, and was posted over the weekend on the video sharing platform.

The driver was said not to have suffered injuries following the crash and state police said he refused treatment.

However he was cited for traffic violations including driving under the influence.

Ron Snyder, spokesperson for Maryland State Police, said: “The driver in this case was very lucky that he walked away without any injuries, even luckier that no one else was injured.

“This was in the middle of the day on a weekend … anyone could have been injured, and this could have been a lot worse than it really was.”

Video of the incident, shared by Old Row Outdoors, was watched more than 30 million times on TikTok and attracted more than five million likes.

Similar footage from Poland in April showed a car hitting a roundabout before becoming airborne.

CCTV footage of the dramatic crash in Lodz on Easter Sunday showed the vehicle driving along an empty road towards the roundabout.

The silver Suzuki Swift continued at speed through the junction before hitting the roundabout island and launching into the air.

The driver managed to avoid a statue of the Pope but clipped a pine tree in mid-air.

The car caught fire as it hit the ground but the 41-year-old driver survived and remained conscious as firefighters cut him free.

He suffered non-life-threatening injuries and was taken to hospital.

Police officers reportedly said the man smelled like alcohol although the results of his breathalyzer test were not published.

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An altercation reportedly involving a man driving his car into a caravan of Trump supporters and then fighting with another man is currently being investigated by police in central California.

According to KEYT-TV Santa Barbara, a man was arrested on Sunday after driving his car into a pro-Trump parade after shouting profanities and throwing at least one bottle at parade attendees.

A video posted on social media appears to show 20-year-old Jacob Garza of Santa Maria, California, speeding through a stop sign in a BMW to engage with the Trump parade and ultimately being wrestled to the ground by a Trump supporter after crashing his car.

Garza reportedly caused the other vehicle to turn on its side, and two occupants of the vehicle were transported to a nearby hospital, with one suffering from a broken arm.

“Welcome to MAGA country motherf—er!” one man can be heard saying to Garza after wrestling him to the ground.

Garza was cited for reckless driving causing injury, and all witness statements were turned over to the local district attorney’s office, according to Santa Maria Police Sgt. Nate Totorica.

Several documented instances of violence directed toward Trump supporters have been reported across the country over the past several months, including in South Carolina, Delaware, and California.

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