January 15, 2021


Scoozy 250 SS E-bike—Sensible Simplicity.

Sleek and smooth, yet brightly colored, this Scoozy 250 SS was a great riding friend.

I considered titling this post “Urban Warrior”, as that is really the inspiration for this bike. It is designed to be a lightweight E-bike to take on the city and some of their tight legal regs for E-bikes. At under 40 lbs., and with great agility and strength, it seems to be the perfect bike for that purpose. It is a true pedelec (no throttle), which helps to further its intended goal for riders in those afflicted areas where E-bikes might not be as welcome as others. Plus it is fairly stealthy too. Maybe off track a bit, yet I think messenger bike with benefits could be envisioned as you ride.

Simple is as simple does. If you have looked around, you know most E-bikes are not this easy going in the rear.

You might recall my last experience with Scoozy E-bikes was with a slightly more powerful E-bike with throttle and cruise control as its control system. Today they have moved from the Ride Scoozy name to a simpler one, kind of like their bikes. Personally I like simple, and that is strengthened for me in the E-bike world, with so many companies over-complicating their bikes with fancy new electrics that might be too unreliable (or non-easily understandable). I just want to ride with a smile, not have to know every smart code on earth.

Another plus on the Scoozy list are the quality components from front to rear that help my confidence with every ride. It has a fixie kind of style with a color combo that drew many compliments during my jaunts. Although this type of bike is not my favorite by any means, it did really speak to me so many times. It is possible to enjoy being out of your little box, a fact driven home by the 250 SS (single speed). Yes, one speed, no shifting. That is just a part of the simplicity I am embracing here.

If you want more info, get a cycle computer. I liked the 250 SS just the way it came.

The previous Scoozy I tested was also a single speed, but having the throttle on that bike was my preference. It made starting out just a bit easier, especially on mild to steep grades. On this 250 SS it wasn’t that much more difficult as the PAS (automatic pedal motor assist) comes on pretty quickly as you start pedaling. And once it is on, in one of three power levels, off you go with a smile. To maintain the motor’s power you do have to continue pedaling, but with only as much effort as you desire.

As far as the bike’s gearing is concerned, you have options there. As delivered to me the gearing was a bit low, yet with many rides behind my belt it is the one I would stick too. By having the rear