January 24, 2021



A Kansas mother of two died while attempting to get her vehicle towed on Monday, authorities and her family said.

Lindsay Raine’s family said their “lives were turned upside down” after learning that the 29 year old had been involved in a “tragic freak accident,” according to a GoFundMe page set up by Lindsay’s sister, Kristen Raine.

“Lindsay Nicole gained her beautiful wings and entered the gates of Heaven. She was such a big-hearted person and touched so many souls in her short 29 years of life,” Kristen wrote. “This is the hardest thing that any of us have ever gone through.”

“Lindsay’s heart and soul were the most beautiful and made my sister the amazing, loyal, dedicated person she is!” Kristen added. “My heart will never heal from this loss.”

According to a press release from the Lawrence Police Department (LPD), Lindsay was “attempting to have her vehicle towed when it began to roll away, trapping her underneath.”

Officers responded to a call around 11:20 a.m., but despite “lifesaving efforts by police and medical personnel, the victim was pronounced deceased,” the press release stated.

Lindsay Raine Facebook Lindsay Raine

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“The incident is still being investigated, but at this time, her death appears to have been the result of a tragic accident,” the LPD wrote.

In the wake of the tragedy, Kristen set up the GoFundMe page, where she described her sister as a “die-hard Chiefs fan,” excellent baker, and above all, dedicated mom to her daughter Milli, 11, and son, Cornelius, 6.

“She could light up the room with a single smile,” she wrote. “She loved her city and everyone she came into contact with. Her 2 kids were her WORLD, a true hustler for her family. Nothing could stop Lindsay. She made it happen one way or another.”

“She wanted to be around for her kids’ futures,” Kristen went on. “She wanted to grow old with her soulmate Juan and watch her children graduate, get married, have children of their own and spoil their grandkids. She wanted so badly to have that solid family that was always there for each other.”

Facebook Lindsay Raine

Prior to her death, Kristen said Lindsay had been suffering from “physical health” issues, including “seizures from unknown causes,” which required her to be hospitalized several times.

“The last few years have been trying times for Lindsay,” Kristen wrote, noting that despite her health ailments, “She has always put her children first, many times before her own physical health. She was just starting to make some headway on getting answers as to what was causing them.”

Even with those ongoing health issues, Kristen said her sister remained the “rock” and “foundation” of their family and that they would be forever changed by this tragedy.

“Our family will never be the same. Our bond will never break and our love for her will never end.