January 15, 2021


NEW YORK, Nov. 17, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Ambulnz, an industry-leading provider of TeleHealth+ services and on-demand medical transportation, and Long Island Select Healthcare, Inc. (LISH), a Federally Qualified Health Center, announce the formation of a strategic partnership to provide at home medical care and non-emergency transportation to LISH’s patients. Together, the two companies will offer an elevated level of service that supports more than 7,000 individuals on Long Island, New York.

“Long Island Select Healthcare is very excited that we have created a partnership with an organization that understands the value of patient access and engagement. Together we believe we can build a platform that finally puts the patient at the center of care and delivery,” said Dr. James Powell, CEO of LISH. “Together, we are creating programs that will provide value-based propositions for all our patients and our mutual partners.”

Through this new partnership, Ambulnz is providing LISH patients with a range of TeleHealth+ services including remote patient monitoring, in-home COVID-19 antibody tests and flu shots.  When transportation is required, LISH uses Ambulnz’s AI-powered proprietary technology to schedule rides with its fleet of ambulance, ambulette and medical sedan vehicles. Ambulnz’s proprietary technology provides a ShareLinkTM that enables passengers and their families to track vehicles in real-time, providing true transparency and alleviating stress.

“Ambulnz is excited to expand our company footprint and partner with Long Island Select Healthcare to help assist those on Long Island with their in-home treatment and medical transportation needs,” said Anthony Capone, President of Ambulnz. “Together with LISH, we are able to provide the residents of New York with the level of medical care and transportation they deserve.”

Ambulnz is utilizing its skilled field staff powered by advanced technology to help improve patient outcomes with unparalleled customer service, transparency, and industry-leading on time compliance.

“In collaboration with Ambulnz’s team of highly trained paramedic’s along with utilizing state of the art technology – LISH will ensure continued quality care to our existing patients, community patients and agency partners on site and in the comforts of home,” said Josephine Pizzurro-Coccaro, Director of Virtual Care.

Ambulnz is currently operating in New York, California, New Jersey, Illinois, Pennsylvania, Tennessee, Texas, and Colorado, as well as the United Kingdom. For more information about Ambulnz, visit their website, and follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and LinkedIn.

About Ambulnz:
Ambulnz (pronounced like Ambulance but with a Z sound at the end) is a leading provider of mobile medical services and medical transportation in the US and UK. Ambulnz’s TeleHealth+ provides non-critical medical services to patients in their homes, delivering the full promise and potential of telemedicine. Their experienced medical field staff of 1,500 EMTs, paramedics and licensed practical nurses work under the guidance of MD1 Medical Care PC to fill the gap between a visit to the doctor’s office and a traditional telemedicine call. Ambulnz uses disruptive, AI-powered technology to dispatch and manage their fleet, and