January 16, 2021




In the movies, spies use GPS devices to track stuff around the globe. But you can’t use just any GPS device, because it needs to be able to transmit its location to a gadget you disguise discreetly as a brandy snifter. Or, if you’re not a Double-0 in the employ of MI-6, you can check using a mobile app. Spot Trace is a tracker designed to keep tabs on anything — a car, boat, snowmobile, you name it — with a long-life battery. Right now, you can get your own Spot Trace for $49.89, which is $50 off the usual price. 

Spot Trace is quite small — it measures about 2 by 2.7 by 1 inch, weighs just three ounces, and its battery lasts for about five months between charges. It can also operate in a broad range of temperatures, from 22 below zero to a sweltering 140 degrees Fahrenheit. You can use it to get notifications when something moves, track a moving object with updates as frequently as every two minutes, get low battery warnings and more. 

To make all this work, you also need to subscribe to a service plan. The basic service is $10 per month with an initial $20 activation fee. 

Not everyone needs to place a tracking device on their car, boat or the Corellian freighter that just escaped from your giant space station. But if you do, here’s a chance to get it for half off. 

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