January 15, 2021


A venomous snake was caught from a busy shopping center car park after it was found in a wall cavity. The red-bellied black snake was spotted next to a car wash in the car park of a shopping center in Canberra, Australia, a week ago.

On Thursday, the deadly reptile fell off the wall beside the stairwell following which it was captured.

“This hefty Red Belly was living in a wall cavity in a busy shopping center car park next to a car wash, and was certainly making the  car wash  team and customers a wee bit uneasy!” Gavin Smith with ACT Snake Removals wrote in a Facebook post.

A video accompanying the post showed the serpent near the stairwell. It then cuts to the snake catcher capturing the reptile with his bare hands and placing it inside a black bag.

“You can’t see in the video but the snake was just away to disappear back into its hole, so was very relieved to get hold of it! I was also told the snake had been seen about a week before falling off the wall next to the stairwell you can see at the start of the video where the onlookers are, but fortunately, no injuries were detected when I inspected it and it sure moved fine!” Smith wrote.

He added that had the reptile stayed in the car park, it would have likely been run over by a vehicle.

“So thankfully now in safer and, dare I say, more appropriate watery – and not concrete – habitat!!!” he wrote.

The video has since gone viral on Facebook with people thanking the snake catcher for relocating the serpent.

Last month, Smith captured an eastern brown snake that was “three times bigger” than normal from an aged care facility in Canberra. After capturing the snake, he took it to a local vet, who told him that it was six feet in length and weighed approximately 4 pounds, which is almost three times more than an adult snake of the same species. 

The snake, that resembled a diamond python, could have been feeding on larger animals such as rabbits to survive, Smith said.

Red Bellied Black Snake A Red-bellied Black Snake showing its tongue. Photo: GETTY IMAGES


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