January 19, 2021


Shockingly good deals to be had on the Bolt EV, folks.


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New cars are expensive, no matter which way you cut it. The average new vehicle’s price was on the rise even before the coronavirus pandemic caused a supply crunch, which sent new car prices even higher. When times are tough, Americans give used cars a really good look, and with good reason. Many times, the vehicles provide the same features and technology at far lower prices.

And used cars aren’t excluded from the numerous savings that occur on for Black Friday. iSeeCars sorted through 300,000 used vehicles from the 2015-2019 model years as of last week to get a pretty good idea of the best used car deals for Black Friday. On average, dealerships are ready to shave off $1,200 from a used car’s asking price, but scroll down below to see all of the best deals in greater detail.

Chevrolet Bolt EV

If you want to go electric, the Bolt EV is a sweet deal.


The Chevy Bolt EV is a good little electric car. It’s not super-fancy inside, but it’s a bit of a range champ for the price, considering the $35,000 Tesla Model 3 doesn’t exist any longer. Already, used Bolt EVs are really affordable. As in, low-mile examples cost $15,000 in some cases. If you want to take on the electric lifestyle, this is a great opportunity with the average discount hovering at $1,901.

Nissan Versa

Cheap wheels.


There’s good news and bad news for the used Nissan Versa deals out there. The good news is the Versa is very, very affordable with low-mileage cars that cost around $12,000. The bad news is this isn’t the current-generation Versa that looks a whole lot better and comes with a lot more equipment. But, for those looking for a steal on a nearly new car, the Versa isn’t the worst choice. The study shows average savings on the compact sedan around $1,000. If we had to pick a Versa here at Roadshow, the Versa Note is a lot better looking and doesn’t cost much more.

Toyota Sienna

Go home with a swagger wagon for Black Friday.


Americans may be obsessed with SUVs, but you know what? There is nothing like a good minivan to haul lots of people, cargo and anything in between. The Toyota Sienna is a solid choice, and data shows used examples sit at dealership lots with an average savings of $1,800. Lower-mileage 2019 models still cost around $30,000, but if you dip a couple years backward, 2017 models are far more affordable in the mid- to lower $20,000 range. And Toyota is well known for strong residual values, which makes a used example a smart buy.

Kia Forte

More affordable transportation at


The car industry talks a lot about digital marketing and the importance of selling cars online. Perhaps it needs to get a bit more specific about the online platform, because among the many ways that Covid-19 has changed our lives is the rapidly rising profile of the smartphone as an automotive marketing and selling tool. 

Of course, American consumers depended upon their phones long before the pandemic spread fear around the world. But in the midst of the health crisis the smartphone has become nearly indispensable to those who are in the market to buy a car and, thus, to those who would sell one to them.

From vehicle research to price shopping to dealer selection, American car buyers are pulling out their phones to get information that will guide their buying process. Further, more and more consumers are using their phone to consummate the car purchase and schedule delivery. Not only can you research and buy a car from your couch in your pajamas, but you can now do it without logging on to your laptop or desktop. You can buy a car just like ordering a pizza or scheduling an hour on a municipal tennis court.

AdColony is a Century City, Calif.-based service provider that works closely with advertisers and publishers to help them maximize their smartphone campaigns and integrations. Its just-released study of consumer attitudes and behavior, Car Buying Survey 2020 (USA), details just how reliant consumers have become on the smartphones when it comes to shopping for a car. 

Instead of treating their phone as a supplemental research tool, consumers rely heavily on their smartphones for every aspect of the car buying process. A strong majority of respondents to the survey said they use their phones to research car models and specs (66%) and compare prices (74%). Once they’ve narrowed the search to their top choices, they then use their smartphones to find dealership locations (60%). 

“We’ve seen that consumers are becoming more acclimated to using their mobile devices to access important purchasing information,“ Jean Ortiz-Luis, marketing communications specialist at AdColony told Forbes.com. “For instance, the 2019 edition of this survey only saw 40% of respondents using their phones to find dealership locations. Over the last year, this jumped up by 20%.”

This begs the question are information providers keeping up with the information needs of shoppers with their smartphone offerings? Many of the largest third-party information providers in the automotive space — Edmunds, Cars.com and Kelley Blue Book — seem to pay much greater attention to their desktop offerings


A venomous snake was caught from a busy shopping center car park after it was found in a wall cavity. The red-bellied black snake was spotted next to a car wash in the car park of a shopping center in Canberra, Australia, a week ago.

On Thursday, the deadly reptile fell off the wall beside the stairwell following which it was captured.

“This hefty Red Belly was living in a wall cavity in a busy shopping center car park next to a car wash, and was certainly making the  car wash  team and customers a wee bit uneasy!” Gavin Smith with ACT Snake Removals wrote in a Facebook post.

A video accompanying the post showed the serpent near the stairwell. It then cuts to the snake catcher capturing the reptile with his bare hands and placing it inside a black bag.

“You can’t see in the video but the snake was just away to disappear back into its hole, so was very relieved to get hold of it! I was also told the snake had been seen about a week before falling off the wall next to the stairwell you can see at the start of the video where the onlookers are, but fortunately, no injuries were detected when I inspected it and it sure moved fine!” Smith wrote.

He added that had the reptile stayed in the car park, it would have likely been run over by a vehicle.

“So thankfully now in safer and, dare I say, more appropriate watery – and not concrete – habitat!!!” he wrote.

The video has since gone viral on Facebook with people thanking the snake catcher for relocating the serpent.

Last month, Smith captured an eastern brown snake that was “three times bigger” than normal from an aged care facility in Canberra. After capturing the snake, he took it to a local vet, who told him that it was six feet in length and weighed approximately 4 pounds, which is almost three times more than an adult snake of the same species. 

The snake, that resembled a diamond python, could have been feeding on larger animals such as rabbits to survive, Smith said.

Red Bellied Black Snake A Red-bellied Black Snake showing its tongue. Photo: GETTY IMAGES


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Escalent’s Fleet Advisory HubTM data reveal actions telematics providers must take to increase adoption and retention

Escalent, a top human behavior and analytics firm, today published the latest update to Fleet Advisory HubTM, the company’s commercial and fleet vehicle insights solution. The report details the attitudes and experiences of fleet decision-makers throughout the telematics sales and integration process, as well as the steps providers must take to improve adoption and retention of their services.

The new findings reveal low adoption rates for telematics and data analytics solutions among commercial and fleet vehicle decision-makers. Despite this, almost one-half of them are proactively shopping for such technologies, with many readying their businesses for integration:

  • Just 15% of fleets surveyed have adopted telematics solutions—primarily large fleets leveraging economies of scale for increased return on their investment

  • However, 44% of fleet decision-makers are actively shopping for telematics solutions—including 55% of those leading small fleet operations

  • An incredible 90% of fleet leaders with hands-on telematics experience rated the technology as “extremely important” or “somewhat important” to managing their business

  • Despite continued industry concerns related to “data overload,” fewer than one-third of operators claim to have such an experience, while more than one-third of participants feel they are managing their data effectively

  • Achieving scale among providers will be critical to reducing the integration investment for cost-conscious smaller fleets, as they tend to abandon telematics platforms after seeing insufficient return on investment, rather than user experience or data overload

“Leaders of fleets big and small have made clear their preferences and expectations for telematics service offerings,” said Michael Schmall, Automotive & Mobility vice president at Escalent. “The presently low adoption rate and high interest among fleet decision-makers reflect a great opportunity for providers, but it’s critical for them to demonstrate the value of their products before and during implementation to win and keep fleets engaged.”

Telematics and data analytics providers need to seize the opportunity presented by high interest in their offerings among fleet decision-makers who have limited prior experience with such technologies. It will be critical for providers to increase exposure and experience among fleet decision-makers to show them how telematics and data analytics solutions can improve their fleet’s efficiency, effectiveness, and overall profitability through methods such as specific, tangible use cases and coaching for a data-driven management model.

In order to retain existing telematics users, providers must take a tailored approach to ensure customers are engaged and maximizing the potential benefits of their services, including catered support to help users sift through and act on critical data.

For more information, visit escalent.co.

About Fleet Advisory HubTM

The results reported come from our 2020 third quarter report on telematics and data analytics, comprised of a subset of commercial and fleet vehicle decision-makers drawn from the Fleet Advisory Hub audience. Participants were recruited from an opt-in online panel of business decision-makers and were interviewed online. Escalent will supply the exact wording of any survey question upon request.

About Escalent

Escalent is


This site is designed for those who love bikes and for those who want to know more about this extraordinary world that goes over two axes. The following information will be useful for those cycling fans who would like to take a look at the different bicycle models, which may even be unknown to them, and it will be also useful for those who are thinking of buying a bicycle and do not know what to buy. If you want to buy bike, on this page you will find everything you need to dispel all your doubts and choose the best model for you. In order to properly buy one, first you will have to think what you want the bike for. The answer to this question will be the best compass in your bicycle search, according to your needs. In general, the first answer can be what do you want the bicycle for: as a means of transportation, as a useful item to exercise, as a recreational item or for strict training. Once you have answered this question, you will start to search and choose among the different possibilities that each one of these options have. Obviously, you will probably answer you will not use the bike for ONE purpose but for several ones: to train and go for a ride, to transport and exercise, etc. The important thing is to know which is your priority and from there you can choose the model that better meets your needs without leaving aside the secondary usage. For the same reason you think about this when buying a bicycle for yourself, if you are thinking of a present, you will have to consider these matters bearing in mind the taste of the person receiving the gift. It is very common to give a bicycle as a gift and we would like to help you so that the one receiving the gift can enjoy it and take advantage of it up to the most so that he does not leave it unused in a dark corner.

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You know about the auto insurance coverage corporations that boast about their low premiums on national tv, radio and social media. Most of those cars have about 80 to ninety % lower price than its precise market price. These government auto auctions do not just promote those seized cars by regulation enforcement agencies. The worst factor on the planet is coping with an insurance coverage reseller who has only one thing on the mind and that is to meet their month-to-month gross sales targets.

Understanding this might cause critical problems if the insured ought to ever be concerned in a car accident, she went to work, wanting by means of the various insurance policies provided by way of her company’s community of suppliers. Most auto auctions really provide invites to potential bidders for a free check drive to test the unit before the auction day.

Oftentimes insurance corporations waive a customer’s deductible if they are concerned in an accident with another customer in order to keep away from the hassle of coping with legal responsibility disagreements and a buyer accusing them of performing in “bad faith” by making a call that’s not in both driver’s best pursuits.

Their engineer could have consulted the trade publications to value the car, adjusting these figures to take note of the age, condition and mileage of your car, and his information of the present car market. These insurance corporations reduce their risk for insuring teenagers by placing sure concessions on the driving habits of them.

Normally, insurers would find yourself losing more cash in the long term when you stopped utilizing them as your car insurance coverage supplier since you had been unhappy with the coverage than if they simply paid out a declare outright.…


With all the present emphasis on going “inexperienced” and defending the setting, it is no wonder that the electric car has come center focus. It isn’t so much the worth of the car as it’s the value of the batteries which they run on. In case you’ve bought batteries you understand how the prices can add up quickly, and the batteries utilized in electric cars are lithium-ion, which are expensive.

Properly it’s as a result of there’s an growing variety of seized cars, and these cars can occupy a huge space within the parking heaps. Such applied sciences could prove paramount to safety as humankind steps into an period of even more cars, faster speeds and the repercussions of current inhabitants explosions.

Be sure to do not fall victim to the companies whose value for ECU remapping seem too good to be true. Keep in mind that the vehicle asking value will not equal the ultimate worth it’s important to pay for it. You continue to should pay for the gross sales tax, the license registration and all the maintenance on the car.

Their engineer could have consulted the commerce publications to worth the vehicle, adjusting these figures to consider the age, condition and mileage of your car, and his knowledge of the current car market. These insurance coverage corporations cut back their threat for insuring teens by placing certain concessions on the driving habits of them.

So going again to this equation stated above, we know that if a car is energy limited in its high speed run (where we have now more gears to make use of for acceleration or where we attain our top speed in high gear a lot sooner than crimson line) then we all know that growing the engine’s horsepower to benefit from the remaining rpm vary (or gear ratios) is a really practical method of elevating the car’s top velocity.…


If you’re on the lookout for actually low cost used cars for sale, you’ll have a lot larger success in taking a look at repossessed and impounded automobile sales or auctions. They’re often cars seized due to a DWLS (driving with license suspended) or a mortgage fee default. It checks your automobile towards all the knowledge within the database to see if it has ever been the topic of an insurance whole loss earlier than, or whether it has ever been stolen and not recovered.

Muscle cars could be situated for sale as well. For example, when opening a model new retailer, there might be no present wholesale parts enterprise, retail sales base; yellow web page promoting; or automobiles lined up for service the day after the escrow closes.

Most of those cars have about eighty to 90 % cheaper price than its precise market price. These authorities auto auctions do not just sell those seized cars by legislation enforcement companies. The worst factor in the world is coping with an insurance reseller who has only one thing on the thoughts and that is to meet their month-to-month sales targets.

If you happen to want to do an ECU remap on your automobile, make sure you select a reliable EU mapping company to do the job. An sincere EUROPEAN remapping company will do a diagnostic check on your car to make sure there are no doable issues that might cause a problem for EU remapping to take place.

Apart from rectifying the paradox that almost all of drivers think about themselves more skillful than their counterparts, better engineering and modern automotive expertise could assist improve roadway security. Driverless vehicles are believed to be nearly one hundred% safer than these with drivers behind the wheel.…