January 27, 2021


SALINAS — Several people were injured, some seriously, Thursday night when a 16-year-old suspect tried to outrun police but ended up losing control of his car and plowing through an outside dining area at a Salinas restaurant.

The youth, who was not named because he is a juvenile, was driving recklessly on South Main Street at Acacia Street in south Salinas shortly after 8 p.m. when a Salinas Police officer attempted to stop the vehicle, police allege.

The boy’s vehicle then bolted south on Main Street at the point it turns into the Monterey Salinas Highway. About a quarter mile into the pursuit at Stephanie Drive, the youth’s car rear-ended another vehicle, causing the youth to lose control of his vehicle.

Crews on Friday morning were cleaning up glass and debris after a car driven by a 16-year-old youth crashed into a group of diners. (Dennis L. Taylor/Monterey Herald) 

The suspect’s car jumped a curb, slammed through a roughly 15-foot-tall sign and continued over a grassy area where the car struck a number of people eating inside a tented dining area at Gino’s Restaurant, police said.

Their injuries ranged from minor to serious. None of the injuries appeared life threatening to the officers at the scene. The youth then fled on foot into a field just south of the restaurant where police apprehended him. He was uncooperative with police and did not provide a statement, police said.

The suspect’s vehicle was registered to the 16-year old’s father.

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