January 25, 2021


  • Nearly 80% of Canadians feel safest travelling by car
  • 51% of Canadians intend to or would consider purchasing and EV to reduce their carbon footprint
  • Common EV misconceptions revealed

MISSISSAUGA, Ontario, Nov. 25, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) —  COVID-19 lockdowns have disrupted what was once considered ‘normal,’ challenging Canadians to adjust their daily lives, rethink travel, and reconsider how to make a positive environmental difference. To determine Canadians’ electric intrigue, Kia Canada commissioned Canadian pollster Angus Reid1 to conduct a recent survey to gauge transportation habits, EV knowledge and misconceptions to help educate consumers on how easy making the switch to EV can be.

The findings show that since the pandemic began, 79% of Canadians say they feel safest travelling by car and 38% are more conscious of their life choices and impact on the environment. In fact, over half the population say they intend to or would consider purchasing an EV for their next vehicle to reduce their carbon footprint.

Collective Green Consciousness
Consumer appetite for sustainable living is growing in popularity and since 2015, Kia Canada has placed over 8,000 EV vehicles on the road and has recorded triple digit year-over-year increases in the past 3 years, showing that many Canadians are increasingly more aware of their environmental choices and looking to engage in green consumerism to better the planet. However, survey findings reveal that 82% of Canadians have never driven an EV before. To understand why this could be, Kia identified common misconceptions that act as EV barriers to help arm Canadians with the facts they need to gain EV confidence.

Tune-Up on EV Facts and Common Misconceptions
The national survey revealed that when it comes to EVs, Canadians were hesitant to make the switch due to four key concerns: charging station availability, the time it takes to charge, vehicle range and the higher cost of EVs.

A strong believer in consumer education, Kia Canada, which offers the largest green car line-up among mainstream automotive manufacturers, understands that EV education comes with experience and is determined to clear up Canadians’ myths and misconceptions about going the distance safely, economically and environmentally in a clean-driving EV.

Myth #1: EV Charging Station Availability
Every day brings new adventure with multiple pitstops along the way. From running daily errands to dropping the kids off at school or hockey practice, Canadians rely on their vehicles to support their busy schedules, no problem.

Here’s where the myth about recharging comes in: 47% of Canadians say they would not consider purchasing an EV and among this group 50% believe finding a charging station is a nuisance, and 30% don’t think they can install a charging port in their home.

And here’s where fact versus fiction comes into play: ChargeHub, Canada’s leading charging station app, says there are more than 14,000 public charging ports (Level 2 and 3) available across Canada, making it easy for drivers everywhere to access charging on-demand – whether its at their local grocery store, service station, or restaurant.