January 28, 2021


SPRINGFIELD – Two city residents and two people from Vermont are charged with drug trafficking and unlawful weapons possession after police found them with large amounts of heroin, cocaine and two guns on St. James Avenue, police said.

Police spokesman Ryan Walsh said narcotics officers stopped the car early Wednesday at a St. James Avenue convenience store because it matched the description of a vehicle seen fleeing an earlier shooting.

Police found the occupants in possession of two loaded firearms, and a search of the trunk revealed 1,000 bags of heroin, 16 grams of crack cocaine, and 65 grams of powder cocaine.

Arrested were Amika Blake, 23, of Harvard St., Walter Jones, 25, of State Street, and Richard LeBlanc, 36, and Kristen Williams, 37, each of Burlington, Vermont.

Each was charged with trafficking between 36 and 100 grams of cocaine and between 18 and 36 grams of cocaine, conspiracy to violate drug laws, and several weapons charges including possession of a firearm in the commission of a felony, possession of a firearm without a license, and carrying a loaded, large-capacity firearm in an public way.

They were due to be arraigned Wednesday in Springfield District Court.

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