January 21, 2021


A 25-year-old armored car guard lost his job after he admitted that he accidentally fired his handgun in the elevator of a west Omaha office building.

The incident occurred Thursday at the corporate offices of Methodist Health Systems near 169th and Leavenworth Streets. The building’s safety director told police that an employee heard a loud noise that sounded like a gunshot coming from an elevator.

An officer from Armored Knights, who had picked up some money, got off the elevator and exited the building. An investigation of the elevator found a bullet hole that had gone through the inside door and partially through the outside door. A dent protruded outward on the outside of the elevator door.

Surveillance video showed the Armored Knights guard getting off the elevator and leaving the building soon after the noise was heard.

A company supervisor contacted the guard, who admitted that his Springfield 9 mm pistol with hollow-point ammunition had accidentally discharged but that he was too scared to say anything.

The guard told police that his holster was too far back on his belt, digging into his side and pulling his pants down. He said he tried to remove the gun from the holster in the elevator to decrease the weight on the belt. He told the officer that his finger must have been on the trigger when he pulled out the gun. The guard said he usually doesn’t keep a round chambered and was surprised when it went off.

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