January 22, 2021


Fox News host Laura Ingraham appeared to get slightly annoyed with Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Tuesday night after he once again hawked his campaign website on the cable news network, telling him it was “enough” and that his act was “like a used car salesman after a while.”

During the run-up to Graham’s high-profile race against Democratic candidate Jaime Harrison, the senator became somewhat infamous for appearing daily on Fox News opinion programs and begging viewers to donate to his campaign. The Trump-boosting lawmaker openly complained that Democrats from around the country were flooding Harrison’s campaign with cash and he needed to catch up.

Even though Graham has since defeated his Democratic rival, he’s continued to use his campaign to raise additional cash. Besides pledging $500,000 to President Donald Trump’s legal efforts to contest the results of President-elect Joe Biden’s victory, Graham has also begun to fundraise for the two Senate runoff races in Georgia.

And so Fox viewers have been subjected to further entreaties for campaign cash.

During his appearance on Ingraham’s primetime show on Tuesday evening, the Fox host seemed to reach the end of her tolerance when Graham repeatedly promoted his campaign site.

Discussing the upcoming Georgia races, which will decide which party controls the Senate, Graham called on viewers to go to “LindseyGraham.com and I will tell you how to help Sens. [David] Perdue and [Kelly] Loeffler,” adding that Ingraham’s audience “helped raise millions of dollars” for his recent campaign.

Ingraham asked if there was any other way for conservatives to help the Republican candidates. Graham took that as an invitation to hype his website once again.

“All right, enough with the LindseyGraham.com, but we get the point,” the Fox star interjected as Graham laughed nervously. “We get the point. This is like a used car salesman after a while.”

Graham, undeterred, made sure to get in one more mention of his campaign site at the very end of the interview.

“OK, you got it in again,” Ingraham exclaimed with a chuckle. “OK, he got it in again.”

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