January 21, 2021


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Well, it’s that time of year once again when we’re all champing at the bit to score some sweet Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, and that means it’s also time for Roadshow to help you pick some of the best ones for yourself or your car-obsessed loved ones. Whether it’s stuff to help you work on your car or stuff to help you enjoy it once it’s fixed or modified, we’ve got you covered.

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Our favorite deal this year comes from Home Depot, where it is running a big sale on all of the Quickjack products, including both the 5,000-pound Quickjack car lifts. If you don’t already know what the Quickjack is, it’s kind of a cross between a professional shop lift and a jack and jack stands. By that, I mean it’s easy to slide in place under your vehicle and then it safely lifts that vehicle up to over a foot above ground level. It’s perfect for the serious home mechanic, and Home Depot is offering it for $350 off its normal asking price. And if you need a lift with a little more muscle, QuickJack also makes the BL-7000SLX, with a 7,000-pound capacity that’s also on special for $300 off. 


Also available from Home Depot are a number of other garage accessories that should help make life a little easier. We especially like the Vector 6V/12V battery maintainer for around $13. Having a maintainer on any vehicle you don’t drive regularly — especially if you live in places with gnarly winters — is a game-changer and will save you tons of cash on batteries going forward.


Maybe those Quickjacks — as cool as they are — are a little rich for your blood. No worries, Northern Tool has you covered with the Blackline 3.5-ton low-profile floor jack, which is on sale for $130 — that’s $50 off its normal price. 


If you’re buying a jack, then you better throw in a set of Safeguard 6-ton jack stands with a locking safety pin for an additional $110 to make sure you’re not only relying on the strength of the jack to keep you from being crushed. These should make for a good upgrade on the super-cheap stands from that other cheap tool store.


Buying tools as a kit is a good way of saving money on a bunch of commonly used tools all at once, and this tool kit from Husky is a stellar example of that. You get not only 270 hand tools including ratchets, sockets, wrenches and more, but you also get them in a cool little tool chest that’s way more rad than the typical blow-molded clamshell case. If you’re looking for a set with