Nimbl Evolution Debuts As Luxury F-350-Based Expedition Vehicle

We’ll finally confess it – yes, small and smart motorhomes are cool and everything but nothing can beat a giant luxury camper. Especially if we are talking about living a life on the road, not just going on summer vacation trips. The “community of explorers that live and survive on the capabilities of their vehicle” is exactly the target of this Ford F-350-based camper. Meet the Evolution, a product of a Sacramento-based company called Nimbl.

Designed and built by a team of experienced engineers and mechanics, who happen to be lifelong explorers, the Evolution rides on a modified F-350 chassis with Icon Suspension System with 35-inch tall tires on all four corners. Under the hood is the Blue Oval’s 7.3-liter V8 mated to a 10-speed automatic gearbox.

More important, however, is the living area – a monolith monocoque composite construction made of a combination of fiberglass and carbon fiber. The habitat has a minimalistic design but features everything one could ask for when living on the road, including two-burner induction cooktop, DC fridge, optional microwave, LED UV water sterilization system, diesel heater and hot water system with multi-stage filtration system, 80 gallons of freshwater and a 24-gallon grey water tank, optional air conditioning, and many more.

“The Nimbl Evolution’s habitat is designed with functional creature comforts so you can take care of what’s most important on the road – yourself,” the company explains. “Ideal for two, the habitat is well appointed for daily tasks: cooking, personal hygiene, relaxing in the custom upholstered dinette (which can be converted into a second bed for the little ones), and enjoying a great night’s sleep in the queen size, memory foam bed.” reports that pricing for the new Nimbl Evolution starts at $249,000, which includes a $70,000 vehicle allowance and the custom aluminum flatbed.

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Evolution of the Bicycle on Vimeo

300 years compressed to a 1 min animation telling the interesting history of the bicycle, all the way from the wooden horse to the modern racer.

The video was made in combination with an application to the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, 2013.

Animation : Thallis Vestergaard
Music : Flying Home by The Benny Goodman Sextet

Note: Video updated September 2014

“A bicycle is a two wheeled, human-powered vehicle, with one wheel behind the other.“

The first track of the bicycle goes back to 1493 where Leonardo da Vinci made a sketch of a very advanced bicycle. This is not proven to be true though. So is there many uncertainties on when and who invented the
bicycles improvements along it’s history.

00:05 – 00:12
1790, A Frenchman named Comte Mede de Sivrac says to be the first to attach two wheels in each end of a piece of wood. This creation is referred as “Velocifere” or “Celerifere”

1817, The German Karl Drais von Sauerbronn built the first steerable bicycle, the “Draisine”. He’s particular model is not shown in this animation though.

00:23 – 00:25
1818, In England, Denis Johnson improved the draisine. He’s model, “Dandy Horse” had bigger wheels and was lighter.

00:30 – 00:32
1839, Scottish, Kirkpatrick MacMillan is believed to be the inventor of the first pedal-driven bicycle, inspired by the locomotive.

00:34 – 00:36
1866, Pierre Lallement’s velocipede “The Boneshaker” is one of the first bicycles with pedals attach to the front wheel. He’s fellow landsman Pierre Michau invented a similar model around the same time and it is unclear who really was the first to put pedals on a wheel, although it is quite certain it’s from France.

1869, The Frenchman Eugene Meyer has the credit for inventing the first high-wheeled bicycle, the famous “Penny-Farthing”. English, James Starley did a lot of further improvements on the high-wheelers and in 1870 he invited the “Ariel”.

00:43 – 00:44
1880-85, G. W. Pressey invented the “American Star” bicycle followed with the “Pony Star Bicycle” by William S. Kelley

00:46 – 00:47
1879, Harry J. Lawson’s bicyclette was one of the first chain driven bicycles.

00:49 – 00:50
1891, W. Scantlebury

00:51 – 00:52
1885, J.K. Starley “Rover Safety Bicycle”
1890 C. D. Rice

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Bicycle History – Evolution of Cycling

Picture Of Old Bicycle

Bicycles and motorcycles are an integral part of our lives. They provide easy and cheap ways of public transportation for many billions of people all around the world. However, ease of transport was not always so widespread. Over past several centuries, many inventors worked hard on the production of various two-wheeled transport devices. This is the place where you will find out how they managed to produce such groundbreaking devices that are today strongly integrated into our society.

During the long history of public transportation, there was no greater moment than the discovery of bicycles. From the millennia’s of horseback riding to the global saturation of bicycle use, this section will try to track the origins of this groundbreaking device.

Origins of the bicycle can be traced to several very gifted scientists. Here you can found out about them, and their efforts to create easy to manufacture and easy to use traveling device that would change the face of public transport forever.

Every year about 50 million bicycles are produced. Today there are almost 400 million bicycles in China and about a billion bicycles in the world. Read more interesting facts about bicycles.

Over the last few hundred years, inventors from all around the world strived to create perfect bicycle types for all kinds of uses. Here you can get informed about all the most popular bicycle types that you can purchase today.

For millions of people around the world, bicycles represent not only the transportation vehicle but also a way of life. Read more if you are interested in history, types, and modern cycling.

Son of the Pierre Michaux, who brought us the first bicycle, was also credited as the inventor of the first motorcycle. This steam powered transport device soon became the focal point of the life works of several designers around the world, and in during the end of 19th century age of motorcycles truly begun.

Brief History

It all began in late 15th century with some simple drawings of Italian mastermind Leonardo da Vinci. His two-wheeled design perfectly described one-person velocipede (without pedals or chain transmission), that could have easily been made from then accessible materials. With working prototype never produced, bicycle remained unknown all up too early 19th century.

Picture Of Replica Of 1493 Caprotti Sketch

The Baron Karl von Drais made the basis for today’s bicycle in 1817 with his “Draisine” velocipede. After several years with moderate success in Europe, his designs received an upgrade in England with “Dandy Horse” design. That model caught the attention of French blacksmith Pierre Michaux and his partner Pierre Lallement in the early 1860s. Together with Michaux’s son Ernest, they managed to produce the first model of a bicycle with pedals. This marked the pivotal moment in bicycle history. From that point, all bicycle started spreading itself across Europe countries and across the Pacific to the United States. Bicycle soon received many improvements during the next few years – metal frames, pneumatic tires, safety brakes, ball bearings, chain transmission and coaster brakes. The most popular

The Evolution Of Transportation

Airport shuttles provide reliable and cheap transportation to and from airports in most major cites. The fee on accreditation of medical transport systems is dedicated to bettering the quality of affected person care and safety of the transportation. For small corporations which have a remarkable small transportation operations, the use of such a tool isn’t really helpful, as they won’t have any issue in managing all their transportation actions manually.

For instance, for those who shipped metal and it rusted throughout transport (assuming that the service didn’t negligently expose it to moisture) the carrier may assert that rust is an inherent vice of steel and is not chargeable for the rust harm. The idea of Third Party Logistics has swept through the delivery business and reworked the best way corporations do business.

Buses are bigger than automobiles. After ensuring you may have a safe car to make use of, it’s time to begin your business. This is because sea transport transport has a minimum requirement for cargo that must be transported. Guantee that your child’s IEP, states that they need transportation as a related service, and that you will be reimbursed.

No matter mode of shipment you choose for your goods, whether or not by land, air or sea, transport conditions can typically be powerful and will injury your shipment if they aren’t packed correctly. Similarly, although taking a cab might be convenient yet some cab firms cost more than the reasonable fare and passengers may discover themselves in disputes when time for cost comes.

3PL is spectacular for the range logistics choices it offers: commonplace 3PL providers offer fundamental logistical services; service developers supply extra specific companies, typically on an on-demand transportation foundation; customer adapters supply administration of a company’s existing shipping course of; and customer builders manage an organization’s transport process and propose revolutionary options.…