December 3, 2020


A car wash is coming to Glendale after the city’s rezoning approval — a process that the mayor and developer said took patience on the part of the developer.

a resort near the water: A site rendering for Jilly's Car Wash, 5100 N. Port Washington Road, shows the 120-foot tunnel that leads to two rows of vacuums.

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A site rendering for Jilly’s Car Wash, 5100 N. Port Washington Road, shows the 120-foot tunnel that leads to two rows of vacuums.

Jon Zimmerman, president of Jilly’s Car Wash, said “the people of the North Shore want a car wash and need a car wash.”

“It took a lot of convincing to get the city to allow a car wash,” said Zimmerman, who lives in Whitefish Bay.

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Glendale Mayor Bryan Kennedy said the city removed car washes as a permitted use in a number of its business zones in the 1990s. 

Kennedy said all car washes in Glendale belong to dealerships, except for a Mobil gas station that was allowed to rebuild theirs during renovations.

Kennedy said the Jilly’s development is on an undeveloped parcel that has been contaminated for decades.

“We have a lot that has never been developed that had some environmental concerns,” said Kennedy. “That made it undesirable property for a lot of different kinds of developments because you can’t dig there.”  

“Nobody wanted to go through the process of having to remediate the soil,” he said.

But Kennedy said the Jilly’s development will protect the area from environmental contamination.

He explained that the construction will cap the contamination, serving as its own form of remediation by sealing it.

The building will be supported by helical piers — an alternative stilt-like construction method often used at sites with foundation issues.

Jilly’s Real Estate LLC bought the 1.9-acre site at 5100 N. Port Washington Road from an affiliate of Marcus Corp. for $965,000, according to state real estate records.

The land was rezoned from business and commercial district to planned unit development. 

“When developers come to us and are willing to be patient, it really makes for a very pleasant experience for everybody,” said Kennedy.

Zimmerman cited Jilly’s service offerings, distance from homes and unobtrusive car queuing as more incentive for the city’s approval.

“We don’t really have a lot of car washes in the North Shore,” Kennedy said of the city’s approval. “This is a higher-end car wash that offers a lot of services. I think there is a clientele for the North Shore, certainly.”

The car wash is set to debut by summer 2021. Glendale will join Elm Grove, Pewaukee and Brookfield as the fourth site for a Jilly’s Car Wash.

In Glendale, the car wash will feature a 120-foot tunnel with MacNeil equipment and a belt conveyor. At the tunnel’s exit, customers will have access to 20 vacuums, towels and cleaning supplies for the inside of their vehicles.

Unlimited car washing plans start at $20.95 per month.

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Honda on Wednesday won approval to sell Level 3 autonomous cars in Japan, in what the automaker and Japanese authorities said was a world-first.

The auto giant said it planned to put the vehicles, capable of taking over driving in circumstances such as a busy highway, on sale before next March.

Vehicle autonomy is classified along a scale from 0-5, with 5 indicating essentially total autonomy.

The “type designation” approved by the Japanese government Wednesday “enables the automated driving system to drive the vehicle instead of the driver under certain conditions, such as when the vehicle is in congested traffic on (an) expressway,” Honda said in a statement.

“Honda is planning to launch sales of a Honda Legend equipped with the newly approved automated driving equipment (‘Traffic Jam Pilot’) before the end of the current fiscal year,” the company added.

“It’s a world-first for an automaker to receive type designation” for Level 3 autonomy, a Honda spokesman told AFP.

He said the firm could now also become the first in the world to mass produce Level 3 capable cars commercially, though other firms are also racing to bring similarly equipped vehicles to market.

Several automakers have already manufactured vehicles capable of Level 3 autonomy, but few countries have legal frameworks to permit their sale and use.

Japan has amended its Road Vehicle Act to allow the vehicles to be sold, and the Ministry of Land, Transport and Tourism said self-driving cars would play a key role in the country’s future.

“Self-driving cars are expected to play a big role in solving various social issues our country faces, such as reducing traffic accidents, securing transportation for the elderly and others, and improving productivity in the field of logistics,” the ministry said in a statement.

It said it had issued the Level 3 approval “for the first time in the world” after determining the system complied with national traffic safety regulations.

The system is designed so that the car will alert the driver when conditions are no longer suitable for self-driving and they must take over.

Automakers and tech firms are locked in a fierce battle for the lead in self-driving technology, with electric carmaker Tesla among the challengers.

Earlier this year, Tesla chief Elon Musk raised eyebrows by claiming he was “extremely confident” Level 5 autonomy would happen “very quickly”.

He claimed the “basic functionality” for full autonomy would be “complete this year”.

But analysts say that is hyperbole, and automakers are still a long way even from a true Level 4 system, in which a car is considered to no longer have a driver, just passengers.

Level 5 vehicles would theoretically have no steering wheel or other driver controls and be capable of handling all terrain types and weather without driver assistance. 


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