November 28, 2020



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Suspended license, Highland Drive: On Oct. 27, police observed a speeding Ford Fusion with North Carolina plates on Highland Drive.

The Mantua driver said she didn’t have her license, but did provide her information. The woman, who appeared nervous, told the officer she had been delivering groceries in Hinckley on Boston Road.

It turned out the driver had a suspended license and two warrants. However, both police departments were unable to pick her up. At that point, the officer asked if there was anything illegal in the Ford.

The woman and an Asheboro, N.C. passenger, who owned the Fusion, said no. They allowed the officer to search the Ford, which had syringes, a glass pipe, cut straw, bent metal spoon plastic bags with eight-ball symbols, Narcan nasal spray and other drug-related items.

The passenger said the items belonged to her husband. She then admitted ownership. The passenger was arrested for possession of drug abuse instruments and drug paraphernalia.


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