November 28, 2020


CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – Believe it or not, America’s oldest bike-maker actually has roots in the Grand Strand.

a sign on the side of a building: Oldest American bike manufacturer churning out cycles in Conway.

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Oldest American bike manufacturer churning out cycles in Conway.

Worksman Cycles opened up shop in Conway in 2017, and the company originating in 1898 out of New York City is one of the country’s first when it comes to bicycles. The company’s president said he knew he wanted to move operations elsewhere, and Conway was the perfect place.

Now, 50 employees are churning bikes out to fill Christmas lists all over the world.

“We sent a whole container of these to New Zealand. That was a first for us,” said Wayne Sosin, president of Worksman Cycles. “One of the things we’re working on now that I’m so excited about is we’re working with the Salvation Army. They’re using one of our tricycles with a really large cabinet on it and they feel they can access the homeless populations and places that are harder to reach with trucks. So they’re going to ride into these homeless populations with tricycles and help these people by giving them food.”

At the facility, some workers paint tricycles headed to the Salvation Army using a spray powder and a 400-degree oven.

Worksman Cycles has also made a more local impact, such as a partnership with Vocational Rehabilitation in Conway. It’s hired several deaf and hard of hearing people through the partnership.

“I was the first deaf and hard of hearing person that the company hired, so once I got hired that really opened the door for deaf and hard of hearing people to want to come here and want to work,” said Xavier, one of the employees hired through the program.

Xavier also serves as an American Sign Language interpreter for co-workers.

Sosin said the company makes 15 different types of tricycles and bicycles. The company used to mainly makes tricycles for big companies like Boeing and Amazon, as a way of transportation across the warehouses and factories.

Due to the pandemic, Sosin said non-commercial bicycle sales have soared, and the company has a handful of styles to choose from.

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It shouldn’t be surprising that America’s champion car salesman saw the pandemic as an opportunity.

a man wearing a suit and tie standing next to a car

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It didn’t look like one. With much of the nation in lockdown, millions suddenly jobless, car dealerships ordered shut, and sales plunging, the industry was not rife with optimism. But Ali Reda sees things differently. He sells Chevrolets and Cadillacs at the Les Stanford dealership in Dearborn, Mich., and in 2017, he sold more vehicles than anyone in America had ever sold in a year: 1,530 new ones and 52 used ones. He broke a record that had stood for 44 years. The way he did it, and the reason he saw opportunity in the pandemic, is rich with lessons for anyone in a business that got slammed by the coronavirus pandemic.

Reda, 47, has attained a status that virtually all salespeople aspire to. “I don’t really sell to anybody that doesn’t know of me,” he says. Everybody is a previous customer or has been referred by one.

Since everyone who calls already wants to buy a car from him, he isn’t exactly a salesman anymore. “If it’s a new customer, they tell me what [vehicle] they’re in. If it’s a repeat customer, I already know,” he says. He knows or finds out “who they are, where they are, where they’re coming from, and, more importantly, where they’re going in life. Are they getting married or having a child? Changing jobs? Are they driving more? Or less?”

When he has that information, customers tend to ask what he thinks they should do. He tells them, and they tend to do it. “I’ve really adopted an adviser-type role rather than the salesman role,” he says.

That’s a nirvana that most salespeople never reach, and Reda knows why. “It’s what you’re doing outside of the dealership more so than in the dealership,” he says, using the terminology of his business to make a point that applies broadly. “What I mean by that is earning that trust through your community. The reason why most salespeople fail at it is because they give up prematurely. It takes years and years to develop that type of relationship with the entire community.”

a man wearing a suit and tie sitting in a car

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Video: Thinking about quitting your job for this reason? You might be an entrepreneur. (USA TODAY)

Thinking about quitting your job for this reason? You might be an entrepreneur.



Now we’re getting to why the pandemic looked like an opportunity to Reda. He has been involved for “years and years” with local nonprofits that promote health, education, employment, nutrition, and more in the Dearborn area. To him, COVID-19 was “a great entry point to enter into a community with the right cause,” he says. “And because everybody is involved in it, you actually get more recognition a lot faster than you normally would.”

When PPE was in critically short supply early in the pandemic, his connections enabled him to buy “a couple of thousand


When driving a rental car, there’s a question that looms in the mind of the renter. Replacement components offered at Auto Components Low cost , for example are made by car components producers that are mandated by high worldwide standards. A worthwhile elements division and a shedding service department may imply the service department is doing poorly, or that a robust parts supervisor is intimidating the service supervisor into paying an excessive amount of for the half.

Generally you possibly can fax a receipt from the unique payment to the automotive rental firm to have your cash refunded. Labour utilisation (typically called ‘promoting effectivity’) tells you the way lengthy productives labored on paying jobs compared to the time they attended the office.

You then call the rental automotive company and you find out that they’ll cost a payment to you for you having to cross their contact data to the town that has issued you the ticket. Along with paying for misplaced time, you might pay bonus and extra time, and also you pay for technicians’ holidays, sick depart and training.

These days, people use them to communicate with different drivers. If your technician completes the service in a single hour (unlikely, we all know) then you’ll still cost the client for two hours. How long your productives are working as a team and individually, and how a lot time they’re losing on work that customers aren’t paying for.

Usually this implies shifting the automobile bodily across the bodyshop, which is much less efficient than the straight in a bay, job completed and straight out state of affairs of a service workshop. These are how cars attain the primary or second ground of a showroom or how the repairs to the decrease part of automobiles are carried out in a mechanic’s store.…


2017 was a very interesting yr for the automobile business and everything that went on both in the public light and behind the scenes. If you know the way to fix cars or you’ve a terrific auto body mechanic you could possibly keep your car and repair it your self. Generally, car manufacturers set up the indicator lights on the side mirrors for different drivers to have higher visibility of your car and the movements you’re about to make.

At these speeds, aerodynamic drag is the primary resistive pressure in deciding a car’s efficiency which is why in sports activities like Formula 1, similarly powered vehicles differ significantly in performance based mostly on which car has the right aerodynamic setting for the perfect combination of high velocity figures in addition to aerodynamic assisted traction (down power) during excessive velocity cornering.

(You’ll find that producers like Mercedes do this on even their lowest level compact cars to improve excessive velocity stability and highway mileage). What is good about these car auctions is that you can actually buy your dream car at an incredible very low value.

Past service and gross sales numbers shall be of less value to future projections if the manufacturing unit intends to add or delete points. These molecules type a movie coating that penetrates between the molecules of the car’s painted floor, creating a very powerful protecting layer.

The cars do not degrade over time and can become harmful if are thrown merely into the public areas. The push for driverless cars will open up the door for the entertainment business and permit it to combine in with the auto trade. The rise of driverless autos is made doable because of how a lot time and cash these big firms are actually pouring into the industry.…


Are you glad together with your car upkeep or with mechanic who’s repairing your vehicle? It is usually the automotive service manager’s accountability to stay on top of warranties and remembers offered by the manufacture. Offered time – that is the time that you just cost customers for. Automotive leases will set you again, on average $43.55 per day, with the highest charges occurring in Boston ($sixty two).

Automotive Lifts: Hydraulic lifts are quite common within the business and are utilized in showrooms, restore shops, and vehicle factories. Some of OE automobile elements and elements aren’t actually made by the automotive manufacturer but are bought and assembled by the automakers to create a vehicle.

These days, people use them to communicate with different drivers. In case your technician completes the service in a single hour (unlikely, we know) then you’ll nonetheless charge the client for two hours. How long your productives are working as a staff and individually, and the way a lot time they’re wasting on work that customers aren’t paying for.

Auto repair shop software is out there in its many forms, from easy repair guides to complicated programs that help car engineers develop new concepts and merchandise. Service workshops, like bodyshops, have seen commonplace instances fall, too. For a service workshop – forty hours attended, 36.8 hours engaged on paying jobs, and forty two.3 hours sold or invoiced to prospects.

Unless you have got a gifted individual already on employees who is prepared and in a position to utterly deck out the rest of your dealership’s exterior and inside, hire a decorator to return and achieve this. Present potential prospects your dealership is in the vacation spirit and make your show ground irresistible with vacation cheer.…


When driving a rental automotive, there is a question that looms in the thoughts of the renter. The primary three lines appear straight after labour gross sales, and encompass all pay made to the technician for actually producing work that’s then bought to a customer. Generally, car producers set up the indicator lights on the facet mirrors for other drivers to have better visibility of your car and the actions you’re about to make.

If you need a little bit leeway, just like the store staying open a little bit later so you may get there in time to pick up or drop off your vehicle, your unbiased shop is more prone to care, and they’re additionally simpler to come up with a dwell particular person.

Whereas the modern day automobiles look like made low-cost and unsafe, they’re really designed to crush or collapse, while transferring the energy around the stronger passenger compartment to protect the passengers from injury. As growing numbers of people are pushing aside the purchases of recent automobiles their older cars need extra repairs and upkeep.

From a budget software program to the dear massive time enterprise applications, restore software can do absolutely anything you need it to do. I have even run into just a few programs that may help the smaller time shop owner get into accounting and bookkeeping of their restore business.

Essentially the most fundamental approach of measuring time in a workshop is through the use of a ‘clock’ which stamps time on a ‘clock card’ for attended time and on the job card for work time. Apart from criminals, vehicles at repossessed car auctions come from people didn’t pay the mortgage, defaulted on tax funds, and so on.…


Police auctions are practical locations to search for a good-situation car for a fraction of its worth. One of the simplest ways you are able to do that is to use Carfax, which is a report that’ll provide you with detailed details about the automobile you’re inquiring about including the number of accidents, owners, and large mechanical points the car has had that had been repaired.

If you wish to buy a good car at an affordable worth, police car auctions that include impounded cars are a fantastic place to begin. Some folks could not actually realize that totally different producers may very well restrict the performance of the autos that they produce.

Except for rectifying the paradox that almost all of drivers consider themselves more skillful than their counterparts, better engineering and modern automotive technology could assist improve roadway security. Driverless autos are believed to be nearly 100% safer than those with drivers behind the wheel.

(MIAFTR) It is a UK knowledge base that has recorded all insurance coverage complete loss cars and stolen cars because the begin of the 1980’s. Nonetheless, be aware that EUROPEAN remapping may cause a vehicle to need frequent servicing resulting from more stress on the engine.

The following thing that car patrons must do when paying for cars on the market abroad is to go for online banking companies. It checks in opposition to your title and deal with; submit code; your car’s registration number and VIN (car identification quantity). GM is continuous the trend towards extra connected cars, one thing we’ve already seen with the addition of Wi-Fi and Bluetooth all through many new vehicles.…


Usually, you’ll hear concerning the thickness of tyres when it has to do with sports cars or off highway autos. Generally you may fax a receipt from the original payment to the car rental company to have your cash refunded. Labour utilisation (sometimes known as ‘selling efficiency’) tells you ways long productives labored on paying jobs in comparison with the time they attended the workplace.

For starters, they have a depth of data surrounding all forms of automobiles and automobile upkeep or restore situations, not simply the particular makes and fashions at the moment being offered and serviced by your supplier. For instance, a buyer might come back with a automotive that you just serviced yesterday and complain that it retains stalling.

• Consciousness and accountability – The people who have prior DUI convictions could also be embarrassed by having to drive around with the machine within the automotive, so perhaps they will be an affidavit to different drivers. Automotive fuses are used to guard the wiring and electrical tools for vehicles.

The most fundamental way of measuring time in a workshop is through the use of a ‘clock’ which stamps time on a ‘clock card’ for attended time and on the job card for work time. Other than criminals, cars at repossessed vehicle auctions come from folks did not pay the mortgage, defaulted on tax payments, etc.

Even lots of the educational applications for engaged on automobiles are targeted round a set of restore applications which are common in most retailers. Most automobiles sold have been in use no more than 5 years. All the pieces might be transferred into digital information and managed via many of the several types of auto repair shop software program.…