December 2, 2020


LINCOLN — Starting Saturday, vapers will have to join smokers in indulging their habits outside of public places and work sites.

A new Nebraska law bans the use of e-cigarettes and other electronic smoking devices in all places that smoking is now banned. That includes restaurants, bars, office buildings, retail stores and other indoor workplaces. 

Under state law, an exception is made for licensed vape shops, which are shops that do not sell alcohol or gasoline and which do not let in customers under age 21. However, local ordinances may be more strict. 

“This change is about protecting Nebraskans from exposure to secondhand aerosol from e-cigarettes. It is also a great time to try, or retry, quitting e-cigarettes or tobacco,” said Amanda Mortensen, program manager for Tobacco Free Nebraska.

The indoor vaping ban is one of several new laws taking effect this weekend, including some that allow landowners to get special deer hunting permits, green-light people rescuing children from hot cars and open the door for barbers to clip hair in some customers’ homes. 

Hot cars. People cannot be held liable for breaking into a vehicle to rescue a child in an emergency. The law addresses situations such as a child being left in a hot car or being trapped because of an accident. Previously, some would-be rescuers had expressed hesitancy about stepping in without legal authorization.

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