December 1, 2020


ADVISOR Documentation

Aaron Brooker, Kristina Haraldsson, Terry Hendricks, Valerie Johnson, Kenneth Kelly, Bill Kramer, Tony Markel, Michael O’Keefe, Sam Sprik, Keith Wipke, Matthew Zolot
Contributors:  Desikan Bharathan, Steve Burch, Matthew Cuddy, Dave Rausen

National Renewable Energy Laboratory

Last Modified: October 10, 2003 [version 2003]


What’s New in ADVISOR

1.0 Introduction

1.1 To the Reader

1.1.1 What is ADVISOR
1.1.2 How to use this manual

1.2 Capabilities and intended uses
1.3 Limitations
1.4 System requirements
1.5 How to get additional help

2.0 Using ADVISOR

2.1 Using the GUI (demo)

2.1.1 Defining a vehicle
2.1.2 Running a simulation
2.1.3 Looking at outputs

2.2 Converting old component files to the current version of ADVISOR
2.3 Running ADVISOR without the GUI
2.4 Helper Classes and Functions

3.0 How ADVISOR works

3.1 ADVISOR file structure

3.1.1 File interactions
3.1.2 File locations
3.1.3 File naming conventions
3.1.4 Adding files to ADVISOR
3.1.5 Inspecting input files
3.1.6 Deleting files from ADVISOR’s database

3.2 Drivetrain model descriptions

3.2.1 Fuel Converter and Exhaust Aftertreatment
3.2.2 Electric Components
3.2.3 Transmission
3.2.4 Vehicle, Wheel and Brakes
3.2.5 Hybrid Control Strategies

3.2.6 Auxiliary Load Models

3.2.7 Saber Co-simulation

3.2.8 Simplorer Co-simulation

3.3 ADVISOR routines

3.3.1 SOC Corrections
3.3.2 Autosize
3.3.3 Acceleration Test
3.3.4 Grade Test
3.3.5 Tech Targets
3.3.6 J1711 Test Procedure
3.3.7 Real World Test Procedure
3.3.8 City Highway Test Procedure
3.3.9 Comparing Simulations
3.3.10 Optimization

3.3.11 Comparing Simulation Results with Test Data

3.4 Data flow in ADVISOR’s block diagrams

3.4.1 Overview
3.4.2 Backward-facing calculation path
3.4.3 Details of motor and motor controller
3.4.4 Forward-facing calculation path


A. ADVISOR’s variables

A.1 Variable naming convention
A.2 ADVISOR Input Variables
A.3 ADVISOR Output Variables

B. ADVISOR’s data files
C. Commonly used Matlab commands
D. Conventions for Goto tag use
E. Glossary

For online help with ADVISOR please visit the ADVISOR Community Group.
Last Revised: 10-Oct-2003: ss

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