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Roblox Vehicle Simulator Wiki!

Welcome to the Vehicle Simulator Wiki! 

Vehicle Simulator PicsVehicle Simulator Pics

What is Roblox Vehicle Simulator?

Roblox Vehicle Simulator is a simulator on Roblox.com which allows you to either drive, fly or sail a variety of planes, boats, and cars. Currently, there are 35 different branded cars in the game and more are coming in the future. Also, there is currently a Jetski, a Speedboat and a Stuntplane to choose from! At the start of the game, you start off with Chevy Impala, free of charge! Simply drive around to earn money and mileage to buy your next Vehicle. There are several races to choose from and they are scattered all across the map, these races consist of; Drag, Circuit, and Highway races! Have Fun!

The official discord of this wiki can be found here: invite link.



  • New Gamemode! (Sprint, Circuit, Drift King, Soccar)

Images Of All The Vehicles

List Of All Vehicles

Land Vehicles:

Aquatic Vehicles:

Air Vehicles:

Changelog (Taken from Discord Update Channel)

Recent Updates (13-04-19):

  • New VIP gamepass! for a one-time purchase of $1k Robux, you can be the owner of the VIP gamepass. You’ll receive the following benefits for life:
    • Your login-bonus is buffed, you’ll get an extra $5000 + a high-end crate everytime you receive a login bonus (On top of the existing reward)!
    • Uber awesome golden VIP material (For VIP members only) :sunglasses:
    • Special tag in-game that lets everyone know you mean business
    • More to come in the future!
  • Important: We made major changes to the way that car stats are calculated. The old method was inconsistent and resulted in on/off behavior/stats with your vehicles (E.g. Joining the game one day and running 7s in a quarter-mile, and the next day you run 8.2s). Everything is correctly calculated now, and this should be fixed. Some vehicles/mods may have different performance than you’re used to, we’ll be fixing this in the coming week.
  • Discord moderators/developers/co-owners/owner are now identified w/a tag next to their username (See the image below for an example as to what it looks like).
  • Fixed bug with the login screen showing that the time remaining before next available login bonus was 00:00:00.
  • Fixed bug where the SWAT mask was visible in first person
  • Adjusted seat positions on several vehicles
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes the

Defects and Recalls Booklet
Download PDF Version


In 2009, approximately 30,000 lives were lost on our Nation’s highways Although 30,000 reflect a 28% decrease in traffic fatalities since 2006, much can still be done to address this issue on our Nation’s highways Traffic crashes are the primary cause of debilitating injuries in the United States and the number one killer of Americans under the age of 34 In addition to staggering emotional costs, the annual economic loss to society because of these crashes, in terms of worker productivity, medical costs, insurance costs, etc , is estimated at more than $230 billion Clearly, there is a need for dramatic improvement in motor vehicle safety Getting unsafe vehicles off the road is integral to improving safety and saving lives.

The National Traffic and Motor Vehicle Safety Act (originally enacted in 1966 and now recodified as 49 U.S.C. Chapter 301) gives the Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) the authority to issue vehicle safety standards and to require manufacturers to recall vehicles that have safety-related defects or do not meet Federal safety standards. Since then, more than 390 million cars, trucks, buses, recreational vehicles, motorcycles, and mopeds, as well as 46 million tires, 66 million pieces of motor vehicle equipment, and 42 million child safety seats have been recalled to correct safety defects.

Manufacturers voluntarily initiate many of these recalls, while others are either influenced by NHTSA investigations or ordered by NHTSA via the courts. If a safety defect is discovered, the manufacturer must notify NHTSA, as well as vehicle or equipment owners, dealers, and distributors. The manufacturer is then required to remedy the problem at no charge to the owner. NHTSA is responsible for monitoring the manufacturer’s corrective action to ensure successful completion of the recall campaign.


The purpose of this Motor Vehicle Safety Defects and Recalls Booklet is to answer the most commonly asked questions about how and why recall campaigns are initiated, and to inform consumers of their rights and responsibilities when a vehicle or item of motor vehicle equipment is recalled. In these pages, you’ll discover how to report a safety-related problem to NHTSA, as well as how participation by citizens like you helps to keep motor vehicles as safe as possible. See the following section for comprehensive answers to some of the most frequently asked questions (FAQs) NHTSA receives on recalls.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is a recall necessary?

  • When a motor vehicle or item of motor vehicle equipment (including tires) does not comply with a Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard.

  • When there is a safety-related defect in the vehicle or equipment.

Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standards set minimum performance requirements for those parts of the vehicle that most affect its safe operation (brakes, tires, lighting) or that protect drivers and passengers from death or serious injury in the event of a crash (air bags, safety belts, child restraints, energy absorbing steering columns, motorcycle helmets). These Federal Standards are applicable to all vehicles and



Transportation Printable Activities


coloring page

Transportation Printable Activities
Coloring Pages/Posters

Transportation Themed Chore Charts

Transportation Printable Activities

Chore Charts

doorknob hanger
doorknob hanger

Transportation Printable Activities

doorknob hanger

Transportation Printable Activities

Custom Greeting

(invitations, thank-you, birthday, get
well soon, etc)

Boat Birthday Invitation

Handprint Card

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Jigsaw Puzzles

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Mini Books

Transportation Shrinky Dink Patterns

Transportation Printable Activities
Shrinky Dink Patterns

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Transportation Printable Activities
Sticker Backgrounds
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Transportation Sudoku

Transportation Printable Activities

transportation colouring pages

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Treat Bags

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Race Car Word Ladder

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Sailboat Word Ladder

Transportation themed custom writing paper 

Transportation Printable Activities

Writing Paper

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How To Get a Vehicle History Report

A vehicle history report (or VIN check) is an invaluable tool if you are planning on buying or selling a vehicle. As a buyer, you can use a vehicle history report to give you peace of mind that the vehicle you are thinking of purchasing is in good condition. On the other hand, if you are selling a vehicle then a clean history report can help entice potential buyers.

vehicle history report

How to Obtain a Vehicle History Report

You can obtain both free and paid VIN lookups. Free vehicle records will typically include less information than paid ones, but they may be sufficient depending on what information you need. The National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB) offers a free VinCheck. As with a complete vehicle history report, you will need to provide your Vehicle Identification Number (VIN) when using VinCheck. You can also only make up to five searches within a 24-hour period and certain vehicle records may take up to six months to be updated with VinCheck.

Alternatively, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) offers a more limited history report. The NHTSA’s search tool is useful mainly if you want to see if your vehicle or any of its parts have been recalled.

Third-party databases, including SearchQuarry.com, also offer both free and paid VIN lookups. The paid records offered through third-party companies tend to be the most complete. The National Motor Vehicle Title Information System provides a list of approved providers of vehicle information and history data. Note that some approved providers will only provide records to car dealers and not directly to consumers.

What is Included in a Vehicle History Report

Not all vehicle history reports will include the same information, but in general you can expect your VIN report to include some or all of the following:

  • Accident history
  • Previous owners
  • Liens held against the vehicle
  • Recalls
  • Flood damage
  • Title checks
  • History of airbag deployments
  • Maintenance record
  • Problems with the odometer
  • Records of theft

Note that not all VIN checks will include the same type of information. A record from the NICB, for example, is designed to prevent the exchange of stolen vehicles, so it’s great if you want to make sure that the car in question wasn’t reported stolen. On the other hand, it won’t include much information about that vehicle’s maintenance history.

Vehicle Records from the DMV

Most DMV’s don’t provide vehicle history records. However, many do provide vehicle registration and title abstracts, which contain much of the same information that you would find in a history report. In New York, for example, the registration abstract includes some useful history information, such as parking fines and insurance lapses. A title record abstract, meanwhile, will include information about previous owners of the vehicle.

License Plate and VIN Search

In many cases, looking up a car’s VIN is simply about peace of mind. Every car built after 1980 has its own VIN, which is unique to that vehicle.