January 20, 2021

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“Vehicle Simulator is exactly what I expected: a mostly successful combination of Virtual Sailor and Micro Flight. These two aspects of the game (boating and flying) perform almost identically to their predecessors, which is not a bad thing. The arcade tilt means that Vehicle Simulator is great for beginners, and jumping online in the sandbox mode of the game is inviting. The game’s lineage means lots of custom content is already created, waiting to be downloaded, which expands the basic game’s scope. There is much room to grow, however. The textures could use more variety and detail and even more scenery locations (with more missions) would be appreciated. The automobile aspect of the game is quite limited: I’d like to see some military vehicles and racing modes (the waypoints are in place already: how about some checkpoint races?). The planned additions of a mission editor and sailboats should complete the package more thoroughly. Vehicle Simulator is not quite on the same level as big-budget flight sims, but considering the custom content angle of the game, I suspect Vehicle Simulator will grow into a more complete product as time goes on.”
75% – Out of 8 PC Game Reviews

“All in all, I like it a lot. This is a remarkable piece of work, and includes so many different elements of simulation; it’s amazing this is only done by an independent developer. With the pure potential this has, I can imagine some very highly detailed vehicles in this simulator’s future.”
75% – AVSIM

About This Game

Vehicle Simulator in an open world flying/sailing simulator, having accurate flight physics and marine dynamics.
This simulator allows you to fly, drive and sail where ever you wish, to explore and customize your planes and boats and to train yourself on all forms of flight and sailing.

Vehicle Simulator was created by Ilan Papini, its first version released in March 2009.

It is based upon Micro Flight and Virtual Sailor, previous simulators made by Ilan, and combines them into one newer, more advanced and flexible program.

The game has a much denser scenery than the previous games, more advanced physical simulation, and a totally flexible vehicle design.

Vehicle Simulator includes a built in scenery and vehicle designer, making it much simpler for users to create and share content than ever before.

The simple yet powerful vehicle design makes Vehicle Simulator an excellent learning tool and also a powerful preliminary design tool.

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Letter from the President & CEO

Welcome to Capital Transportation, Inc.  Our goal of becoming a Central Ohio leader in ground transportation has taken us to new heights.  The employees at Capital Transportation work hard every day to provide the safest, most reliable, cost-effective service in the industry. 

In 1997, I purchased a small transportation entity with a hand full of employees, a couple of vehicles, and a dream of building a successful transportation company.  With the help of some very passionate employees over the past 12 years, we have grown our business into a very successful operation.

We are blessed by the fact that during difficult economic times in 2009 and early 2010, our business continues to show strong growth.  Service utilization has increased dramatically, the number of routes we manage continues to show double-digit growth annually, and our customer satisfaction and on-time performance metrics continue to reflect a high level of service standard. 

We are so thankful for our current clients, and, we also have a deep appreciation for the communities in which we serve.  I want to thank everyone for their support, and for allowing Capital Transportation to serve you as your transportation provider.

To our perspective clients, I would like to invite you to learn more about Capital Transportation, Inc. and the ground transportation services we offer. Please feel free to contact me and my staff to discuss your transportation service needs in detail.  You can reach me at the Capital office at (614) 258-0400. 


Richard M. Crockett

President & CEO

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Competition in automotive technology has long been about who’s got the most horsepower, the best towing capacity or the fastest acceleration. These days, though, it’s all about having the slickest infotainment systems and most-connected cars.

The shift in focus from what’s under the hood to what’s behind the dashboard has brought a largely covert war to the auto industry over the operating systems that will control these gadgets. As in the smartphone biz, the battle line is between proprietary and open source software. The outcome will determine what these systems look like, how they work and how distinctive they are as automakers embrace walled gardens or open ecosystems.

It would be difficult to overstate the importance of getting this right. The amount of software in the average vehicle has grown exponentially — a typical new car has about 100 million lines of code — with the advent of sophisticated, cloud-connected infotainment systems. Software has become a competitive advantage as vital to General Motors or Toyota as it is to Apple or Google. The trouble is, automotive development cycles are measured in years, while the consumer electronics industry works in months. The race is on to ramp up development, which is why we’re seeing companies like Cisco get into the automotive game and electronics execs like Apple’s Eddy Cue taking a seat on Ferrari’s board.

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Siri ‘Eyes Free’ Hops Aboard Chevy’s Spark
Cars Connect With Apps, the Cloud at CES
Automotive First: Tesla Pushes an Automotive Software Patch Wirelessly
Apple Exec Takes a Seat at Ferrari’s Table“The theme I hear time and time again from every single one of our customers is you’ve got to help us move at the pace of consumer electronics,” Derek Kuhn, vice president of sales and marketing for QNX Software Systems, told Wired. “It’s no longer acceptable to innovate at the pace of automotive.”

Proprietary software still rules, with QNX and Microsoft dominating the field. Windows Embedded is best known as the platform behind Ford’s successful Sync system, and it underpins similar systems by Kia, Fiat and 15 other automakers. QNX develops infotainment software for Audi, BMW, Ford, GM, Honda, Mercedes, and Toyota and is used in millions of vehicles.

But with Linux getting into the game with the Automotive Grade Linux Work Group — which includes Nissan and Toyota as well as “tier-one” suppliers such as Harman, Intel, and Nvidia — open source will grow more popular. Since forming in 2009, the nonprofit Genivi that includes BMW, GM, Honda, Hyundai and Nissan as well as Harman, Bosch, Continental and other suppliers has pushed for “the broad adoption of an in-vehicle infotainment open source development platform.” In addition, automakers like Ford and BMW are launching open source initiatives like OpenXC and webinos, respectively.

Automakers like the open source approach because it gives them broader control of their software platforms and the ability to tailor the features and experience to suit their customers. They can

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Here at Steve’s Moped and Bicycle World, we specialize in the sales, repair and maintenance of your: Bicycles, Electric Vehicles, Mopeds, Scooters, Go-Peds, Go-Carts, ATVs, Mini Bikes, Lawnmowers, Snowblowers, Power Washers, Power Tools, and all other small engines. Our mechanics are equipped with years of experience in their respective fields and customer satisfaction is the driving factor behind the quality work that they do. Come in today for an estimate to get your bicycle, vehicle or power equipment running as good as new!


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Winter is here nowt! Don’t allow Mother Nature to catch you unprepared; come in today to buy a new OR used snow blowers. Save yourself from the dreadful chore of shoveling your driveways and sidewalks. For our customers who already have snowblowers, don’t wait until the snow arrives to make sure your unit is still in good working condition. Snow blower repair and service.You can arrange for your blower to be picked up from your home, or you can drop it off at our location for a full diagnostics evaluation and service by our team of expert mechanics. Your unit will be returned to you as good as new and ready for anything the elements try to throw at it. Scroll down to see a small sample of our used snowblowers. Call for more information.


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Summer is here! Now is the time to be out and about riding electric vehicles; come in today to buy a new OR used electric scooter, go kart, or bicycle. Electric vehicles are a convenient, fun, and eco-friendly form of transportation for the summer. Great for kids AND adults – come in and ask about what electric vehicle is right for you! For our customers who already have electric vehicles, make sure your unit is still in good working condition. You can arrange for your electric vehicle to be picked up from your home, or you can drop it off at our location for a full diagnostics evaluation and service by our team of expert mechanics. Your unit will be returned to you as good as new and ready for anything. Click here to see a sample of the electric vehicles we sell. Call for more information.


Sun Bicyles Electrolite E-Bike – $1,559.99


Comfort & practicality are defining characteristics for any bike. The Electrolite offers all of this plus the added benefit of electric bike technology. Powered by a smooth and quiet 250 watt direct-drive motor and removable rechargeable battery, the Electrolite will expand your range and increase your enjoyment on your bike rides. You can set the bike to variable-speed pedal assist mode for maximum range or switch to full-power throttle control for minimal effort. Available in 17.5″ and 20″ frame sizes.

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Global Automotive AHSS Market, By Product Type (Dual Phase, Martensitic Steel, Boron Steel and Others), by Vehicle Type (Passenger Car and Commercial Vehicle), By Application (Body & Closures, Suspensions, Bumper and Others) and Region – Forecast 2016-2023.

Synopsis of Automotive AHSS Market                                                

Automotive AHSS steels are considered major materials for future applications in the production sector. Advanced High Strength Steels or AHSS have quickly been adopted by automotive industry, and these steels are known for their increased strength, lightweight composition and improved performance under impact and energy transfer when exposed to a collision. Increasing vehicle production, lower cost of AHSS materials than other lightweight materials, and growing government regulations regarding CO2 emissions are some of the factors driving the growth of the market. Moreover, growing vehicle demand and engineering advancement for improving the life of vehicles, are some of the factors that drive the demand for the market. The automotive AHSS market is witnessing an upward trend, as auto manufacturers are focusing more on improving safety


The Popularity of Bicycles

1896 found the United States in the middle of a bicycle craze. Though different types of bicycles had been around in the United States and Europe for years, recent technological innovation brought about changes in material and design that made the late nineteenth century bicycle a lighter, smoother, and faster ride than ever before. Doctors wrote about the health risks and benefits of cycling, scientists explained the physics of the bicycle’s motion, while concerned critics discussed the changes in women’s fashion that so much cycling would necessitate. By 1896, there were over 150 bicycle factories in the United States, producing over 1,000 different makes of bicycles for men, women, and children. They were used for recreation and exercise, and in some cases, even for political campaigning.

It is true that women heretofore, here and there, have been trying the machines in an apologetic, shamefaced sort of way, but in this year they have boldly come to the front as riders, challenging male competition, and making a fashion of that which before was an eccentricity. …Women may ride in tights, but it is certain that men will never adopt the skirt. It is too dangerous. Man has not courage to risk the complications of an overthrow in a skirt. But whatever costume women may finally settle on for this arena, it is certain that they will not be driven from the wheel. They have joined the increasing army of those who are to roll about the world, and who now are numerous enough and powerful enough to assert their rights to the utmost limit. –Harper’s Magazine, from Public Opinion, 16 January 1896

Wheelmen in the Campaign.

Walter H. Chamberlin of Chicago, secretary of the National Wheelmen’s McKinley and Hobart club, was in the city yesterday. . . . to have S. L. Trussell, who is at present connected with the Republican state headquarters, take charge of the organization of the cyclists in Minnesota. . . . The object of the clubs is to do active work during the campaign and on eletion day. In the next six weeks there will be many parades and other demonstrations, in which the wheelmen’s companies will take part. It will be a new feature in political parades, but will be one that will add wonderfully to their effectiveness. One of the pleasant duties will be to escort the distinguished speakers who may come to this city during the campaign. The wheelmen will also be of much service on registration and election days as couriers. –St. Paul Pioneer Press, 20 Sept. 1896

From a medical standpoint bicycling is valuable both as a prophylatic and as a curative agent. Like other outdoor exercises it takes the votaries away from the vitiated air of closed rooms; but it has several advantages particularly its own. …Although we have seen that certain muscle groups come chiefly into play, all the muscles of the body are used more or less, and are thereby strengthened.


​Covid-19 travel restrictions are currently in place across Australia. In most instances you are still permitted to collect a rental car. We are here to assist you with any questions you may have for any upcoming car hire bookings. Please be sure to contact our customer care​ team for any assistance.​​

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Parking in Australia

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